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With political unrest around the world, this can be an unstable time when considering the financial situation of the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world. Donald Trump's ramblings on Twitter against Iran, whilst having a polarising effect upon states of America and their political intentions, also has an impact on global fiscal development. This is truly an interesting time, and as a commentator on the world financial markets, here at Norwich Leap, we have dissected some of the current issues that are associated with the political instability across the globe. In terms of United Kingdom and the strength of the pound, this remains largely unaffected by the instability caused by recent world events. In fact the pound recently rose against the euro but that could potentially have been attributed to the Boris effect; that is, a new face leading the United Kingdom can potentially culminate in stronger financial markets and the evidence would suggest that due to the increased strength of sterling this has been the positive effect of a new government and Prime Minister.

Loans Marketplace

Although there is clearly significant difficulties across the globe, here in the United Kingdom we do not seem to be largely affected by the political unrest and in terms of the financial situation, and we could infact argue that our position is strong. A quick analysis of the various markets within the British financial arena would suggest that the United Kingdom continues to be a major player when considering money and international transactions. Even locally within the online market space, there continues to be many fast loans available from a number of websites and this signifies considerable strength within the unsecured lending market. When considering the secured loan marketplace, this remains stable, and although it could be argued there are a small number of major players within the secured loan sector, there are many good deals out there to be had for people who are willing to put collateral against any potential borrowings.

Personal Investment Opportunities

It goes without saying though that in terms of the personal consumer it is vitally important that one remains steadfast in their financial dealings and continue to play safe with any financial investments, both to minimise risk and to play out what could potentially happen over the next 12 months. Clearly, there are many opportunities in terms of making money but as with most income generation schemes, a certain proportion of money is needed in order to kickstart any investment opportunities. Housing continues to remain strong as an investment due to the lack of properties available within the UK. Although there has been significant investment from the government and indeed promotion of house building across the UK, this still remains a housing shortfall which has created strength within the housing market, particularly for those who have invested 5+ years ago in their property portfolio

So, what's next?

So what is next for investment within the United Kingdom and where are there moneymaking opportunities to be had one may ask. Well although here at Norwich Leap we do not have the crystal ball that so many financial commentators believe they have, the evidence would however suggest that the strong pound, stable government and growth within the employment sector nationally could potentially culminate in a good two or three years of financial growth. There is little to suggest that the United Kingdom is heading for any type of recession and the markets reflect this, particularly the strength of the pound against the euro which has rallied heavily in recent months. We will however continue to monitor the situation carefully and report back on any significant changes within the financial sector. It is that you are looking to invest, always take time to analyse the market the you are potentially investing in and research the potential risks and pitfalls you could be entering into. The old adage is true that it takes money to make money and therefore trying to accrue a small amount of savings to invest is the best starting point for any potential new investors.

Raising capital in the new decade should not be that difficult. There are many predictions out there that state there will be a sharp fall in the value of the Euro and the Pound will be stronger than ever late 2020. In terms of raising money there are a range of options potential borrowers can move towards and the likelihood of their being a super strong pound will create additional opportunities to lend money.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are predicted to remain settled throughout 2020 and into 2021, despite there potentially being a divorce from Europe. Property therefore remains a safe bet in which to invest money and safe yields of around 10% are possible in the right areas. Spend time researching geographical areas prior to launching into property deals though. There is still money to be made, but only in the right locations.

As interest rates are so low, there will be many people with chunks of money to invest as they are making next to nothing on their existing savings. If you happen to be in a fortunate position to have a large sum of money stowed away, then the best option would be to try and diversify your portfolio. The answer is not to withdraw everything though. Always go with caution and look for limited risk financial investments.

Go with Caution

There is a real sense of purpose with regards to the future financial markets as we transition into the new decade. Many people are understandably cautious when it comes to risking any savings, but in order to accumulate, one must be prepared to speculate and there has to be some degree of risk taking to be made. Always research your market prior to investing in order to fully understand the potential risks you may face.