The results are in! Over the past month, we have been looking at the social impact that has been generated by our joint project with Moosey Art, Collaborate.

We are pleased to say that generous bidders at our auction raised £720, a proportion of which was shared with the OPEN Youth Trust to support them with their work with young people.

We also carried out questionnaires prior to, and post project. Each client was given a short questionnaire, asking how they felt about themselves, their skill set and their community. Our aim here was to ensure that as a social enterprise we are investing our time and funds wisely, and achieving our goal of supporting vulnerable people to live a fulfilling life of their choice.

The results speak for themselves. Before the project, we asked clients how motivated they had felt in the last week – only 33% of participants replied ‘Very’. After Collaborate, this figure increased to 83%.

At LEAP, we also aim to give our clients a sense of empowerment through achievement. Before the project we asked participants: In the last week, how many days did you feel you achieved something? The number who answered ‘Every day’ increased from 0% before the project to 67% afterwards.

It has also become clear that Collaborate helped our clients feel more of a part of society; 33% said they felt connected to their community before the project – this raised to a fantastic 83% afterwards.

From comments made by participants, it is clear that Collaborate was extremely popular, with clients requesting future projects. The feedback below provides some highlights:

“Fantastic experience, can’t wait until the next one! J “

“Fantastic time, the artist’s creative intuition was a launch pad to something magnificent.”

“This has been a great opportunity to learn from other artists and try something new. Thank you!”

We would like to thank the supportive community in the Norwich Lanes, and St Martin’s Church for providing a space for the artwork to take place.



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