Vinroy's Story...

Vinroy had been married for sixteen years and had three children; he thought his life was complete. Regrettably, this situation changed – the marriage broke down and his wife asked him to move out.

After leaving the family home, his only option was to sleep on a friend’s sofa. During this period he also lost his job, and it became apparent that he had outstayed his welcome at his friend’s house. Unfortunately as he hadn’t got a two year local connection in the catchment area, the council couldn’t assist him with accommodation needs.

He therefore began sofa surfing at another property whilst receiving support from a local charity, who referred him to LEAP. We were able to find Vinroy accommodation in a hostel, and advised him to visit his GP to seek assistance with some mental health issues that had begun to arise. Sadly at this point, he had begun to believe that his life was not worth living.

This is when his life began to turn around. Here at LEAP, we were able to introduce him to the wide range of opportunities that were available to him. After a period of engaging with LEAP and receiving their advice and support, Vinroy says,

“I’ve never felt so great! I’m back on my feet, I’ve got a life again and I’ve never looked back.”

He also said that he felt inspired by LEAP, and feels that without support from the whole team, his life would have been very different.

He now has his own accommodation and has been working as a carer; a perfect role for someone who loves helping people. In his own words,

“It’s the best job in the world.”

Zoe's Story…

Zoe had become homeless when  her landlady decided to sell her property. This led to Zoe’s eviction, and consequently she managed to find accommodation with the YMCA. She had never heard of LEAP until her ex-partner mentioned our services, and encouraged her to drop into the LEAP office.

She was reluctant at first, not knowing how LEAP could help her. At the time, she didn’t feel as though she needed any support; she was already volunteering, receiving education and gaining qualifications. She couldn’t see how LEAP could offer her anything that she didn’t already have access to.

However, there was one thing that Zoe desired… her own home. This was something that LEAP could help her with, so Zoe took the plunge and met with one of our advisors. Within two months, she was referred onto the Norwich City Council Private Letting Scheme, and was subsequently offered her own tenancy.

We also helped her to fulfil her ambition of working with people experiencing homelessness issues, moving towards her ultimate goal of becoming a support worker. Zoe didn’t have experience in this field, but the team at LEAP helped her to arrange some voluntary work, providing her with invaluable experience which she feels will help her in the future as she looks for paid employment. Zoe says,

“LEAP has done a lot for me. They have provided me with the opportunity to get my life on track.”

LEAP not only helped Zoe secure her own tenancy, but also taught her about budgeting and managing her finances, something she knew nothing about prior to engaging with us.

“LEAP has helped so many people…they do such a good job. I know they will always be there to support me when I need them.”

Gary's Story...

“When I started with LEAP, an opportunity came up with The Feed. I recently helped with an event for Unison on their 25th birthday at Norwich City Council. I like being within a busy team and getting to know people who I work with.

I have learnt many things, like how to make muffins, I thought that they went well and I met the head chef. It was good fun. The Feed and LEAP have helped me to be myself, they have opened up my opportunities for the future which I have been working extremely hard to achieve, given me so much confidence.

I now have a job. The whole experience has been so great, so thank you for everything.”

Gary Maclaurin


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