Our mission doesn’t end with working with individuals to help them live a fulfilling life. We believe in empowering our team to create their own life’s work. We move fast and we challenge each other, but we look after each other and care about our culture, which makes working here extremely rewarding. There’s a lot of work left for us to do, and we couldn’t do it without a single member of our team.


The Faces Behind LEAP and The Feed…

Ali Marlow
Operations and Training Supervisor

Ali is responsible for the operational side of the project, overseeing its ongoing development whilst supervising and supporting the team.
She co-ordinates and delivers training, and supervises volunteers within LEAP.
Ali is a huge Barry Manilow fan!


Georgina Finn
Employment, Engagemet and Enterprise Officer

Georgina is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with employers.
She supports The Feed and the Flourish Employment Academy, coaching clients and offering advice and guidance.
She has a wealth of experience and knowledge with supporting homeless individuals in Norwich.
Georgina loves baking and often brings in her tasty cupcakes to share with the team; she regular enters baking competitions!


Keith Willers
Accommodation and Engagement Officer

Keith’s role is to engage with LEAP’s clients and support them to achieve their goals. He empowers them to secure their own accommodation and sustain their tenancies, helping them to become financially capable.

Keith has a love for music and performs regularly in various Norwich bands. His other passions include gardening, fitness and wellbeing.

Lucy Green
Opportunities Advisor

Lucy is the face of LEAP.
She meets clients when they first drop-in, and provides ongoing support to help them achieve their goals.
She is a trained social worker with experience of working with single homeless adults and those with mental health needs.
Lucy is passionate about social inclusion and equality, and in her spare time enjoys yoga, going on long walks and playing board games.


Libby Brown
Opportunities Advisor

Libby’s role is to work closely with clients to identify their talents and interests, breaking down both personal and external barriers and empowering clients to take control of their lives.
She has a wealth of experience working with ex-offenders, supporting them to into employment, education and training.
Libby also builds relationships with key partners who can offer clients positive and valuable experiences that will build their confidence and enhance employability.


Bethanie Collins
Finance and Administration Officer

Bethanie supports the financial administration of LEAP, The Feed and the Flourish Employment Academy.
She has an extensive financial background having worked in public sector finance for over ten years.
She also has a keen interest in all things culinary, having trained as a chef after leaving school. She loves travelling around the UK and Europe.



Simon Abel
Business & Training Development Officer

Simon is responsible for the daily operations of The Feed. By coordinating the Flourish Employment Academy training programme and working with volunteers, he supports people returning to employment.

Simon has extensive experience in catering, having held the position of Hospitality & Catering Manager at Norwich Cathedral.

His hobbies include natural history and bird watching; he also enjoys reading, baking and crafts.

Andrew Baker
Hospitality and Catering Coach

Andrew is passionate about cooking, and as Hospitality and Catering Coach of The Feed he brings a wealth of experience to teaching his skills to others.

He is responsible for producing fresh, high quality food whilst maintaining a professional and happy environment, inspiring and enabling others to develop their own skills.

Andrew has a love for travelling the world, cooking in new places and collecting food memories.

Chrissy Chalmers
Board Member

Chrissy is currently the Worklessness Development Officer with Norfolk County Council Adult Social Services, working specifically with housing support services to increase the education, training and employment chances of socially excluded groups.
Chrissy line-managed New Deal ‘back to work’ schemes, Prince’s Trust twelve week development courses and was responsible for implementing very specific, bespoke projects aimed at reintegrating excluded young people back into education.
More recently Chrissy worked as a Community Learning and Development Manager. This role involved taking learning out into the community to engage groups of adults and young people back into participating in education.
Chrissy believes that education and training is the only option to break the cycles of poverty and deprivation and to tackle inter-generational hopeless and workless attitudes.

Ros Finon
Board Member

Ros has recently retired from a career as an accountant in the home improvements industry. She is a non-executive director of a housing association, a trustee of a Homestart charity and previously a trustee of a CAB.

Ros is thrilled to be involved with LEAP, which combines the interests mentioned above, together with her love of all kinds of food.